EODay before Zero
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Join the new world full of possibilities
Explore, build you colony, discover new technologies. Earn, create and trade virtual assets in the vast Futuristic Sci-Fi world.


Fair web3 universe with no fees

Stable Token

Has stable in-game currency

Exchange buys and sells ENA at the same price. If you have ENA, Exchange always has enough Ethereum to buy it from you.

Verified Code

Has transparent and Open Code

Entropia Online has its all code verified and open. We doing our best to bring the knowledge to the players.

Own the Game

Offers project co-ownership

Entropia Online has 10000 NFT EO Deeds to share the profit. Owner of the EO Deed can claim his dividend share which is calculated every Monday.

Free to Play

Has free-to-pay version

Entropia Online has its full copy on Goerli Ethereum test network. Test Net uses GoerliEth that can be obtained for free.

Mobile Friendly

Is mobile friendly

The UI is designed with a focus on mobile users. Entropia Online can be played anywhere from your Android phone or tablet.


Everything you need

Everyone can get an idea what happens behind the scenes. The code is well documented and explained in our blog posts. Bringing you the most attractive option, not to just play the game, but being a part of it, learning the rules and what drives the world to apply knowledge, taking as much as possible from your time while having great fun.

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Server on Goerli

Entropia Online is on Goerli test network. It will always be available there with all the features and no limitations. The Goerli test net is a test network for the Ethereum blockchain. Goerli is a replica of the Ethereum mainnet, but it uses a testnet cryptocurrency called Goerli ETH, which can be obtained for free.

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The EO Development

Though the project release is an only matter of time. Buying EO Deeds supports and speeds up project development.

EO Deeds allow you to claim the part of the future project's profits early at a very attractive price.

Each EO Deed NFT gives you 0.01% of total project's profit in a form of dividends, which are payed on weekly basis.

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New World


Earn Possibilities

Entropia Online is a Sci-Fi world sandbox. Everything in a game can be developed, created, owned and traded by the players in game and outside of the game. With web3 behind, this strategy game is designed to bring all the power of blockchain and Tokenized assets to you. In-game economy, driven by supply and demand of resource, gives players an opportunity to earn while playing the game.

Explore possibilities World Landscape


The future of Gaming

A core philosophical tenet of Web3 is that there are more ways to provide value to an ecosystem than through capital — and furthermore, that value should be able to be earned, not just purchased. This is a radical departure from the existing structure, where those with capital earn more through investments than people can earn through work — resulting in a widening wealth gap over time.

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The main goal of the project is to create a game that will be interesting to play. And that is basically it.